Best Construction Inc. ImagesThe Crusader Series is Northeast Building Products premium window line, precision crafted using only the most advanced technologies. These technologies include Sashlite, a revolutionary spacer system that integrates the spacer directly into the sash profile. The result is a window with superior structural strength, industry-leading thermal performance, and the highest levels of beauty, quality, value, and style.

Precision Crafted Using Only The Most Advanced Technologies.

Crusader double hung windows are among the most popular window styles and feature vinyl sashes that move in a vertical direction. Features of our Crusader double hung windows include frame and sash corners which are miter cut and fusion welded for superior structural integrity, premium double strength glass, and aluminum reinforced interlocking sashes for maximum seal protection where the sashes meet.

The classic good looks and outstanding performance of TrustGard make it the brand more homeowners and builders rely on for low maintenance, high performance, and long-lasting appeal. If your family has problems with drafts, water leaks, uneven room temperatures or disturbing outdoor noises - or if your windows just don't look as nice as the rest of your home - TrustGard windows are the answer.


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